All consultation fees are payable on the day of consultation. This will not be fully covered by Medicare. If you anticipate a problem, please advise the receptionist staff before you see the doctor. The doctor, at his or her own discretion, may reduce the gap for pension or health care cardholders.

If you are uninsured and require surgery, this can be performed in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital or Osborne Park Hospital, a non-tertiary public hospital that provides specialist health care services to the north metropolitan suburbs. Operations performed in public hospitals have no out-of-pocket costs.

If you are insured, then the procedure may be performed in the one of the private hospitals listed on the Accredited Hospitals page. Depending on the surgery and your level of cover, there may be payment gaps for your hospital stay, operating theatre fee, surgeon fee, anaesthetist fee, allied health professional fee, radiology (imaging), laboratory tests and pathology (specimen) tests.

The practice manager will provide a written fee estimate if you are booked for a procedure. Please contact your health fund to determine your out-of-pocket expenses prior to surgery. To get an accurate assessment, you will need the following information:

Should you have special financial circumstances, we ask that you discuss this directly with your surgeon and your anaesthetist so that an equitable solution can be achieved. You will need to pay for the procedure at least 1 week prior to surgery. Direct debit is preferred, but credit card payments can also be arranged with 1% surcharge to cover bank fees. Once you have had your surgery, an invoice will be sent to you by post or e-mail. Medicare payments should be processed automatically to your account, but you will need to submit the invoice to your health fund for a full reimbursement.